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MyPrevention Site Announcements
Recent news and activities at MyPrevention community.
2 11/1/2012
Prevention POV
This Blog is for comments, thoughts and discussions on current affairs which impact the prevention field.
57 9/25/2011
Expert Blogger 1
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2 1/16/2013
Expert Blogger 2
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0 No activity
Expert Blogger 3
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Expert Blogger 4
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Bullying Prevention: A National Discussion Blog
The goal of this blog is to bring professionals and community partners together to discuss, collaborate and act, to ensure young people do not fail to get the help they need—sometimes, as a matter of life and death. We encourage bullying prevention experts, educators and other youth development professionals to join this discussion and share their perspective on this critical issue.

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2 5/1/2011
Grief and Loss Discussion Blog
Please post your comments, questions or news articles to continue the discussion on the issue of grief and loss.

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14 9/8/2010
Common Measures for IPV and SV Prevention
Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence (IPV & SV) prevention practitioners are working hard to improve the way we evaluate our prevention activities, strategies and programs. Why recreate the wheel when we have such great knowledge and ways to evaluate our work within our own field? This blog is focused on providing information and resources about common methods and tools to measure change in our evaluation efforts. How are we measuring change? What tools are being used? What scales or surveys are being developed? What risk and protective factors are shared across IPV and SV? This is an "open" blog, and we welcome anyone to post their suggested resources and comments about what is posted. Share your knowledge and learn from what others know. Let's combine our resources and grow together.
4 12/15/2009
Prescription Drug Misuse (PDM)
Discussion on Prescription Drug Misuse

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If you need assistance, contact Mark Freeman at or (916) 983-6680..

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0 No activity
Native American Prevention Announcements
0 No activity